At Horsham CKD we aim to teach practical and easy to learn self-defence to people of all ages and abilities.


Choi Kwang Do is a fun and exciting way to keep fit, improve flexibility, coordination, balance, concentration, and promote longevity in a friendly safe and fun learning environment.


We run a range of classes, catering for children over 4 years old, teenagers and adults. Choi Kwang Do is a non-competitive martial art so you are never too young or old to learn and we actively encourage family participation to nurture common interests between parents and children.


Children’s Classes are designed to promote self-confidence and self-control in a fun but disciplined environment. Our belt grading system gives achievable goals and with positive encouragement from our instructors it makes learning a fun way of exercising for even the less active.


Adult Classes are designed to teach practical self-defence and promote physical fitness, increase flexibility and coordination. In our fun and controlled environment, classes include aerobic and anaerobic techniques to help with weight control and improve general well-being.



Learn Control. Power. Speed. Defence.

Choi Kwang Do has been scientifically developed to be easy to learn, the sequential body movements are designed to produce maximum force without locking out and straining the joints, but more importantly they increase the opportunities to enhance your health.


Choi Kwang Do has not been designed for competition so it does not have the intensity of sports training. It has been designed to teach real life practical self-defence skills. By removing the element of competition it helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and allows the student to focus on their own personal development.


Choi Kwang Do students may train at any age and enjoy the benefits of fitness and longevity. We encourage all our students to exercise regularly to stimulate the mind and body, and with our belt grading system the mind and body will be continually stimulated and motivated.


Our training drills have been developed to be an exciting and enjoyable form of aerobic fitness training improving stamina and endurance also anaerobic fitness training improving speed agility and explosive power. Our patterns use natural, rhythmic, fluid, contralateral movements that allow students to train and develop both sides of the body to develop muscles and their brain.


As people grow as martial artists and develop their techniques and skills, they also grow physically and mentally this can also help development of personal and social skills. Choi Kwang Do schools create a sense of belonging for students and instructors alike.


With young children our instructors will encourage and motivate the students to always do their best but remove the element of competition so as not to create an environment of winners and losers we do however promote self-control, self-discipline personal development.


To see if Choi Kwang Do is right for you or your children why not try one of our free trial classes?

WHY CHOI Kwang Do?